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Modern cuisine with creative flair
Modern cuisine with creative flair

Dining at Thackeray's

Arriving at Thackeray’s you’ll notice immediately that it is a truly striking building. It has an off-kilter, fairy-tale cottage feel with its slanted panels and sloping floors. It’s a charming exterior that we have worked very hard to refresh and maintain without distorting the uniqueness which makes it special.

That is the same approach we have taken to the culinary experience at Thackeray’s, too. For Twenty years we have tweaked, refreshed and innovated with our dining and drinking experience, while being careful not to crack the Thackeray’s foundation. As we change, our core values – provenance, attention to detail, creativity – remain the same. We have always endeavoured to move quickly, staying abreast or ahead of food trends and flavours of the month. But we do not follow fads, and consistency is key to our success and our reputation.

In fact, that is what makes us and our Head Chef Patrick Hill tick. Finding new ways of doing things, while maintaining consistent excellence. Pat has license to move Thackeray’s food in new directions while never taking an eye off what made us successful in the first place.

A large part of that success is lack of pretention. We are not an exclusive restaurant, and have no aims of being one. Our restaurant relies on local, repeat customers – they keep us afloat and on our toes. We are, and will continue to be, a dining option available to everyone – from 17 year olds on their first date, to couples on their 50th wedding anniversary, to companies having corporate functions.

To that end our menus are designed with accessibility in mind. They are broad and varied, at different price points and levels of sophistication. From daily lunch menus from £28, to our indulgent Chef’s tasting menu.

Please note that our menus are subject to daily change and are displayed here as a sample only.


It's the little touches
It's the little touches
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